HSBC Call Centre UI

  • Client: HSBC
  • Date: October 2015

  • Involvement: Design concepts for the HSBC call centre user interface. The current call centre uses a legacy system the combines up to 15 different screens that the call centre worker has to flick between to get to the answer of the customer that has called. The project was to combine this legacy system into one UI that can be easily navigated cutting both employee training time and customer call time.

    This part of the project is showing how the employee would go through the process of blocking a customers credit card. Working along side a UX designer and designer straight into Sketch, we came up with this very simple way that a credit card can be block, replaced or reissued across multiple accounts.

    The project included travelling to Miami to take part in client workshops and overseeing a the digital output of a production agency in West Palm Beach.

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